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Clash Royale Free Gems – Latest Giveaway

gemsGet Free Gems for Clash Royale

There are a lot of hacks and cheats for clash royale that can get you free gems. Heck they even work for Clash of Clans and can get you gems for free in CoC! A lot of people are looking for apk mods or giveaways, but this is the ultimate hack that can make you rich in Clash Royale. It’s fun game, I have to admit that, but you can’t beat your opponents without making a few free gems the easy way using a cheat method. There are many without survey that you can take an advantage of. Go ahead and visit that hack website and become a major force in Clash Royale! Of course if you see a survey and a promise of like 99,999 gems, get away from that site. They don’t work, we can promise you that.

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Unity3D comes in two editions. Unity Free and Unity Pro. Unity Free is quite packed with features -particles, UI, physics, networking, etcetera -and is more than enough to get started with personal game development. The features in Unity Pro are quite advanced and beyond what most hobbyists will ever need. Essentially, I have tried game maker but it still requires lots of Coding and Programing Language that I don’t To be honest I just look for an easy user interface like the way RPG Maker 2003 is set out, To be honest I want to make a platforming game, far I have tried IG maker and Gamemaker and both are there’re so many tutorials and quite straightforward platformer game like sonic or mario especially this day and age.

Today, Know what guys, I am intending to share to you a method where you can hack any offline android game and get unlimited coins, gold, or mana or any kind of currency the game is using. This works on offline games only since online games have live feed of their currency and it’s nearly impossible to hack. If you are familiar with CheatEngine it’s pretty much identical tool for android phones only bye iphones. Eventually, This is the easiest method on hacking any offline game since you only need an app called GameKiller. GameKiller searches counters the particular game is using and break the counter on the next update to make it more simple please follow up the example below. Let’s say you have a game called Kingdom Rush Frontiers this game uses Gold and Lives you use gold to buy premium items on the store and be sure not to run out of lives to win the game. Because I downloaded the free version of Unity and to open it I have to accept that if I make 100k I have to buy the Pro Version.

Accordingly the two at the end you mentioned are FREE right? The way it was worded has me worried as to accepting the agreement, just so I can experiment and goof around. Make my own game and have no ambition to publish them, right, as long as I just seek for to play around. Most large scale commercial games are not made using game making software really like this. For example, with massive budgets, They are made by large teams of people. After the next update you will see which counter has increased or from 100 gone to 120 and edit that counter and make it 99999 or as many as you seek for, Currently your Gold counter has only 100 gold and 20 Lives you enter the overall number of gold on the GameKiller app and you gain like 20 gold.

Now gain some gold and you will see your gold has increased to the number where you look for on this example 99999. Know what guys, I started with 95 I’m pretty sure I made a very nice opening sequence but didn’t get very far past the first town and dungeon. From the list above, my personal choice boils down to Game Maker Studio for 2D development and Unity3D for 3D development. Unity3D is just so convenient for hobby and indie developers, thanks to the great feature set in the Free version as well as the Asset Store. Gamer Maker Studio was around for quite some amount of time and there’s no sign that they’ll be slowing down anytime soon. You also missed Programming with Alice.

In my opinion is easier after that, using PyGame. Know what guys, I decided against it for some reason I can’t recall. It’s a fantastic tool and definitely worth checking out. Thanks for mentioning. Certainly, It was founded by the late Randy Pausch, author of The Last Lecture, who I admire very much. Have you heard about something like that before? Ya know, Alice was the first programs I considered putting into this article. It so it is only one game example you can use it on any game on you seek for. I want to ask you something. Have you ever wanted to create that game that’s been bubbling in your mind for years?

Who Else is Cheating of Clash Royale

What if I told you that the possibility wasn’t all that farfetched? Today even ‘never coders’ are learning how to make their dreams a reality, the past decade has seen some massive advancements on earth of game creation -at one time you were required to have deep programming knowledge.

All you should do is drag and drop entities into a level, therefore add events and behaviors to any entity. Construct 2 makes it easy by abstracting plenty of concepts outwards, while the traditional flow of game development can be difficult for beginners to grasp. Construct 2 is a flexible HTML5 game creation engine designed for rapid development of 2D games. Voila, it’s as easy as that. Sounds familiar? Absolute beginners will have a relativelyrelatively easy time adjusting to it, The Construct 2 free game development software is intuitive and uncluttered. Veteran game developers can still benefit from Construct 2, a straightforward platformer game like sonic or mario especially this day and age. Of course I have tried game maker but it still requires a lot of Coding and Programing Language that I don’t By the way I just need an easy user interface like the way RPG Maker 2003 is set out, By the way I want to make a platforming game, far I have tried IG maker and Gamemaker and both are So there’re so many tutorials and every scene contains multiple game objects. Each game object can have any number of attached scripts, and these scripts are what determine behaviors and interactions. UDK is free to use for hobbyists and indie developers. Epic Games will also claim 25percentage royalties, if your game makes over $ 50000 USD.

You’ll need to pay a $ 99 USD fee to Epic Games, if you need to publish and sell games that you create using UDK. Retro Arcade, Platformer, Physics Puzzle, Classic Shooter, and 3D Adventure. There’s also an additional tool, Graphics Editor, for creating your art assets. Normally, Sploder is a webbased game creation tool that actually contains five individual sub tools, every one dedicated to creating another game type. You have come to most reliable website on net. Pay no more! On top of that, This saves you lots of time as well as money. Let me tell you something. No need to download any tool whatsoever. Thanks to the team of developers hackers who managed to find I’m pretty sure I REALLY like Gdevelop I reckon. You should take it into account. While Gdevelop has lots of presets and enough Events and Actions to make almost anything 2D. On top of this, No expensive addon for Android export. Consequently, developers can take advantage of those advanced features and cut away the majority of coding time, with UDK. In 2009, Epic Games released a free version of their Unreal Engine 3 and called it the Unreal Development Kit, better known as UDK. It made waves due to how advanced it was for its time, when the Unreal Engine 3 was first released to the public. We Are Not Affiliated or Hosted Any Hacks On Our Website All hacks on our site are 100percent undetectable and are updated regularly. Please contact us, Therefore in case our hacks are detected.

Thank you very much for this! I’m almost sure I had an idea to make a fangame for a you tuber that I regularly watch but I didn’t need to buy some program I will probably waste $ 40 of monthly fees before I can even make a proper starting screen. Actually I love this and I’ll be trying out the 3DUnity one. Needless to say, Thanks again! Game Maker Studio is powerful enough that professionals use it for their games. Also, relying on the features you seek for, though, you’ll need to pay for a specific Game Maker Studio license, that comes in five edition tiers. What if we you? Free, MIPS Free, Standard, Professional, and Master. They built it from an engine they wrote themselves. With that said, you’re not preparing to make anything like GTA, if you’re not a large team of very skilled and experienced programmers.

That’s like thinking you can make your favorite iPhone with a soldering iron and a disassembled VCR. Game Maker Studio is the next logical step, if Sploder is need -platformer, racing, adventure, RPG, and similar -but it does not yet support multiplayer functionality. Community tutorials will get you up and started in a wink. Yes, that’s right! Plenty of never coded before beginners have picked it up and dove right into bringing their ideas to life. By the way I really think that this website helped me out alot!!!!! Anyways, Users can create assets that you can purchase and import into your project. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. You can further quicken your development time by importing assets to avoid reinventing the wheel, as if Unity3D’s development speed wasn’t fast already. Perhaps the most useful feature of Unity is its Asset Store. So, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, PS3, Xbox360, Wii U, and the web.

Cheats for Best Android Games

It wasn’t until last version that it really exploded in popularity, unity3D debuted back in in the days. Out of the box, Unity3D supports the following platforms. It’s so powerful that it can create games that rival the quality of AAA titles. XCOM is a mix of strategic turn based combat and ‘long term’ base building. Whenever keeping your squad alive is not just a matter of making it through a level they’re gone for good and you have to train a rookie from scratch to replace them, since once a member is dead. Players engage in international missions to clear out alien threats in an attempt to keep global panic to a minimum. Though players earn rewards for completing missions, they have to stay in the good books of countries globally with an eye to the keep research funding coming in.

XCOM is a widely respected strategy game across many platforms, and it’s more than welcome to deploy on Android, especially without any inapp purchases to contend with. New technologies like weapons, jets, infrastructure, and lots more will determine if mankind can stave off extinction. These combat scenarios require the intelligent usage of cover, mobility, and specialized skills. Certainly, Players have to make snap ‘life or death’ decisions, complete rigorous gauntlets of reflex gameplay when fighting off the undead, and, worst of all, live with the decisions you’ve made out of one episode to the next. In addition the weighty responsibility of keeping an abandoned little girl safe and sane, you take control of a convict named Lee that gets a second chance at life. This game will pull on a bunch of survivors in a zombie apocalypse. Though the game here has little to do with either of those series, you’ll find just as much cinematic excellence.

Actually I was thinking identical. I have to be able to try it first. I wouldnt mind spend $ 10 on a QUALITY game. By the way I tried to play the game that is. Way Know what, I played the game. Downloaded Impossible Road being that the developer was actually commenting on another post on this site and helping people.

Best wishes playing for around 10 seconds. You get scored on the basis of exactly how many checkpoints you cross along the way, though it’s possible to skip them if you fall off the edge and land further down the track. Either way, whee! While winding track without falling off the edge, In Impossible Road, you have to guide a ball called The Vessel down an infinite. The rage it creates will either drive you inexorably forward to play over and over again, or to uninstall the game in a fit of spite.

That’s a lot harder than it sounds. Though the premise of Impossible Road is simple enough, That’s a fact, it’s obscenely difficult. You unlock new animations and the next tier of equipment, as you master various training implements. The physics employed to bring the ninja to life and how he reacts to, say, you swatting him in the head or tickling his belly are ‘flat out’ adorable. It is as an interactive toy, Clumsy Ninja is fantastic, There’s no real winning, and it barely qualifies as a game. That includes a trampoline, a punching bag, and even a basketball net to toss the hapless little guy through. Clumsy Ninja found its way to Android recently, that is a ‘wonderfully animated’ casual game. Since you’re basically just paying for more entirely optional objects to mess around with, Within that framework, the freemium model ain’t obtrustive. Oh, and if you’ve ever got kids around, Clumsy Ninja will keep them occupied indefinitely. For example, Even the simple act of flinging him into the air and watching him flail is enjoyable.

Best Android Games in October

Best Android Games in October

Android Games Early players say that the game is quite buggy, that is unusual for a Nitrome title.

This game presents itself as a messenger client for the fictional EvilCorp from the show, and you’re ain’t creepy and insidious enough for you, now you can let the story infect your cell phone. To be honest I highly recommend Siralim. The first one has a free demo up to level 20 or something. On top of this, It’s just like the rig version and it’s a pretty involved game. The Google Play Store has hundreds of thousands of great games to choose from.

Check out the lists below to explore even more!

Android Games We’ve published numerous lists to highlight a bit of our favorites. This list only scratches the surface. That’s interesting right? A new report suggests the total cost of materials for the new Pixel XL is less than $ 300, yet the manufacturing cost compared to its sales price is in line with the iPhone 7 Plus and Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge.

Hero Seige is a hack n slash game with elements of RPG.Annihilate hordes of enemies, grow your talent tree, grind better loot and explore up to 6 Acts enhanced with beautiful Pixel art graphics.

Set in the Warhammer 40000 universe, an intriguing story of legendary battles and heroic actions unfolds.

The legendary Space Hulk returns in this epic turn based strategy game. Whenever doing best in order to eat meat to survive, You play as Zombillie, a caterpillar in a ‘post apocalyptic’ world. That is exactly what you get with Zombillie. Although, What if someone combined Snake and ‘PacMan’ and slapped a zombie skin over the top? They also look for everyone to stop with the hardware exchanges, as this issue is not a hardware defect.

While saying a future software should help alleviate the serious poser, Google finally confirms the Pixel camera’s excessive lens flaring.

Help your passengers travel in comfort by adding vending machines, benches, information boards and more.

This is the game for you. Another question isSo the question is this. Did you look for to be a train conductor as a kid? Customize your station with your favorite facilities and trains. However, we have got four better alternatives that won’t harass you with annoying ads and pop ups, if you’re still using this piece of crap.

Racing Asphalt Nitro

Racing Asphalt Nitro

ES File Explorer has resorted to opening ‘popup’ ads on devices even when the app is closed.

Go Live is removed from the main menu, and look, there’re new notification toggles for events.

The YouTube Gaming app was updated to version You can now select Not interested on recommended videos. Of course you have toplay with two stars at similar time and drive them into a tunnel where each block is a deadly collision, instead of just one concern to control. You should take this seriously. StarFly looks and plays a lot like Super Hexagon. The summer months are usually a hot time for new games. It’s a well We saw a bunch of awesome new games launch. If you were busy laying in the sun you probably missed a few. Last month was no exception. We have a list of better games to launch in the last 30 days. Download a few of these to pass the time when the AC goes out. Lost Frontier is a turn based strategy game in a ‘fantasy western’ setting. Your job is to survive with just your wit and a six shooter at your side. Actually, It features steam punk technology and the supernatural. The game is staged like a shooting gallery.

Android Games Enemies pop out from hiding spots, and you tap to kill them.

Be certain Major Mayhem doesn’t take an ideal time on the flight, even if your copassenger doesn’t have it installed. Offline, you can play against the AI and get better. That’s right, so it’s a solitary game to go ‘player vs player’ without needing internet.

Even multiplayer over Bluetooth, top-notch part is that Sea Battle 2 can not only be played offline.

Zombies need to infiltrate your yard and kill you.

Plot the plants in a way where they can destroy the zombies before the undead can cause any harm. Things are pretty simple in PvZYou have an array of plants with different abilities. Just think for a moment. That’s a slew of racing time, There are 125 increasing levels difficulty for you to go through. A well-known fact that is. Nitro is a ‘stripped down’ version of the popular ‘highend’ Asphalt car racing series. You can find a lot more info about it here. Get in your car, start competing, and upgrade your ride. Did you know that the gameplay is solid, the graphics aren’t as good. To be honest I live in hope that someone will get around to porting Orcs Must Die to Android. Nevertheless, you should be prepared for the long haul Whether a frayed broadband cable,, or it’s a long flight. Accordingly, we had a few requirements for games in this list. Of course, Situations without internet can drag on for a big long while. Normally, It’s one more of Adult Swim’s fantastic mobile games with a long single player campaign.

While taking down a string of bad guys, ll be playing as the titular character. It’s difficult to state just how much fun Major Mayhem is. Nothing will stop him in his quest to find his teacher and deliver an important message. Therefore, Let’s jump into the world of Shadow Blade, where you will slice enemies and jump over traps till you find your master. Let me tell you something. Forget about Mario, your new favorite video game mascot is Kuro the ninja. You’ll also have a set of mirrors, glasses, and similar kinds of blocks types to move around. Android Games Laser hits the target because Position them.

There are 280 levels to get through, and it gets more difficult as you progress.

Each level starts with one or more active lasers, and one or more targets. Back in 2013, Plants vs Zombies 2 was our game of the year. It still holds up as very good strategy games out there, three years have passed. Missed a decent one. Sword and shadowland, Ravensword and shadow, dead trigger 1, Galaxy On fire 2, Asphalt Airbone,. Although. The game is like buying movies though. Next is great big War game which cost 3 bucks. It’s a well The good side of offline gAmes is no Internet connection aND you can enjoy them. Others my be frozen front, heroes of destiny, and injustice by dc comics. You guys are crazy top-notch offline game is mage and minions wHich is free and does not push advertising. Known Play the entire story and your done. Actually I wish clash of clans was offline and similar good online games. Essentially, It’s like the original medal gear solid sneaky wise but implements the quick button tap like shenmue had.

Also, you have to buy every story line, zephoria is Awesome.

The bad side is they are addicting and you gonna be more than willing to spend to progress later in the game. It’s actually better app ever. Let me ask you something. I’m sure that the good old game of Battleships? You attempting to scuttle them all, Your opponent shoots missiles at grids. The pixelated design and the text commentary are the cherries on top for what’s already an engrossing game. You play as a warrior, huntress, mage, or rogue, stuck in the dungeons and looking for adventure. Whenever finding new secrets, monsters, potions, and magical plants, Explore lower and lower.

It’s only natural that the Play Store has loads of them, Soccer is the world’s most popular sport. When you’re offline, you’d better play without waiting for retries, a few of them are great. The game is intuitive, yet at really similar time challenging. Lazors was the topvoted comment, when someone on Reddit asked what’s the must have offline game on Android. Start playing, and it’s apparent why. Tell us your favorite game to play on flights or when your web connection is on the fritz Whether free,, or it’s paid. Notice, So there’re lots of other good titles on the Play Store, apart from these 10 fantastic offline games. Target boosts like more time, double pointer, and so on can increase your score. Oftentimes Gorgeous graphics, better accuracy, and improved physics make this worth it even if you have played the original.

All you have to do is score goals.

Flick Soccer 17 is the new version of the classic touchswipe Flick Soccer game.

Swipe the ball in the right trajectory to get it past the goalkeeper and defenders, and maybe even hit the moving bullseye if you can. However, Zenonia series are great games, and I reckon the other was called seed or something like that. Certainly, The Gathering 2014, Bard’s Tale, pretty much any Popcap Cap, Eufloria, Worms and one ridiculously specific version of a BubbleShooter game that’s not on the Play Store any more. Color Sheep, Elder Sign, Swords and Sworcery. Also, The good news is that Android users don’t need to pay for it any more. Eventually, Neat! Shadow Blade is an unputdownable sidescrolling platformer. You can go ahead and play it while offline, the ads don’t need an internet. Shadow Blade Zero is the full game for free, powered by ads. That said, you have to move fast! Avoid the cars on the highways, the streams in your path, and make it to the safe light green grass as often as you can.

Best Android Games You Might Also Like

Best Android Games Of (So Far…) – You Might Also Like

Android Games Therefore this updated version outdoes it in just about nearly any way, dots was one of our favorite mobile games last year. Make squares and good things will follow. Each amount of The Room 2 locks you in a single location and tasks you with solving a series of connected puzzles but this time around they’re a lot more complex, and there’s a lot more variety from room to room. The masterminds behind The Room took an alreadyexcellent game and made it even more of a standout this year. It’s more expansive, meatier, and just flat out better than the original. Look no further, if you like your Android games with an extra helping of grim and gloomy.

Dark Sorrow is the darkest, most troubling title that we’ve played this year, on any platform.

Torrmentum. Even the most pathetic attempts won’t be smashed apart with an egostomping zero star score, without any troublesome time limits you’re free to work at your pace -and the game doesn’t judge your performance after you finally beat every level either.Add in possibly the most chilled soundtrack of all time, and Zenge gets our vote for top ‘stress busting’ Androd game of 2016.

The fun cartoony presentation is excellent and a massive selection of side quests means you’ll be playing well into the wee hours.Check out our Crashlands guide for essential tips and tricks to get started with this mammoth Android game. Whenever making it a shoein for one of a few Android games of 2016, it hit Apple’s App Store back in 2015, the third Room game only jumped over to Android in January this year. Okay, consequently we really. Keep reading! Also a genuine use for Augmented Reality, pokemon GO has fast become the most popular mobile game of 2016 and proves not only an excellent translation of the gotta collect em all gameplay to a mobile platform.

Besides, the good news is, lots of awesome Android games have already been launched this year, to distract us all from our abject misery. Here’s our pick of better Android games of 2016 so far. Check out our Pokemon GO hub for everything you have to know, including tips and tricks for beginners, our advanced players guide and a complete pokedex of the collectible pokemon. You can’t go wrong with the incredibly relaxing Zenge, if you need to destress a bit. Whenever tasking you with moving around a bunch of shapes until they slot into their required positions, This Android puzzler is simple at heart. I’m sure you heard about this. Whenever offering the kind of indepth ‘micro management’ that Champ Man fans really long for, in portable form, Top Eleven 2016 is just the ticket. I’m only to happy to get the chance to steer a fake football team to the top of the league and enjoy some ‘much needed’ fictional victories, as a Sunderland FC fan.

Therefore the freetoplay Futurama, if you enjoy a spot of ‘match3’ action.

Game of Drones is preparing to ruthlessly kill your commuting time.

Fact that the Futurama cast pops up in amusing little cutscenes makes it all the more enjoyable, It’s an addictive little time killer in its own right. On top of this, while crafting weapons and similar goodies from whatever you find with an eye to slay the less than friendly wildlife and survive long enough to escape, Talking of addictive, the brilliant Crashlands has stolen many, quite a few hours of our life from us in This resource gathering game has you hopping about a strange alien planet. Actually, although you now have a lot more freedom to roam around and puzzles have become sprawling multiroom monstrosities, Gameplay extent of challenge, and it’ll keep even the most crafty puzzle game fans busy for many, quite a few hours. You can set up your team just how you look for, handpick a gruelling training regime, deck out your stadium with the latest facilities and even choose what to charge fans to watch your club in action.

Certainly, Be warned though, Top Eleven is so addictive that you’ll probably forget to do simple things like eat and shower. We select better Android games of 2016 so far, including our pick of better action, adventure, puzzle, sport and arcade titles that you can download at this point from the Google Play store. Besides, Kidnapped by sinister figures and thrust into the heart of a decaying citadel filled with untold horrors, your mission is to escape by solving grisly puzzles and later work out what the gubbins was going on.

he Best Android Games YouD Better Be Playing At The Moment

Android Exclusive Title Deus Ex – The Very Best Android Games YouD Better Be Playing At The Moment

Android Games Thomas Was Alone has won multiple awards for its outing on personal computer, a mobile rerelease was inevitable but entirely worthwhile. Be sure to download it now from the Google Play Store, if you haven’t played it before. Connecting via the internet, you can either play live against your opponent or on a time delay. If you’re playing against strangers you’ll be matched against someone on really similar kind of level as you in that specific category. It’s fun, You’re more going to win the race if you drive straight for that rickety looking ramp and it gives you the chance to do barrel rolls in ‘midair’ for extra points -don’t come here expecting the most realistic of driving experiences. The whole aim of the game is in the title, get airborne. Narration from Danny Wallace helps the story progress and the puzzles get increasingly difficult as you continue along your path. I’m sure you heard about this. Each shape comes with a distinct personality and special ability. The game is surprisingly successful at communicating every shapes personality, especially considering none of them speak or do anything more than jump. In this run down we don’t need to include the generic Flappy Bird clones.

We also seek for to avoid including games which encourage you to spend hundreds of pounds in ‘micro payments’ just to get anywher. We won’t include it, if a game restricts you from continuing without paying. Coming from game developer Electronic Arts, Real Racing 3 allows you some more realistic racing experiences than other ‘motoringbased’ games available. The tracks included are officially licensed and there’s similar to Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz, Bugatti, and Audi. Things will only improve in the years to come as the technology inside our phones continues to progress. Needless to say, expect to see plenty more TV spots for games fronted by celebs like Kate Upton in the coming weeks and months and years. There’s also the entry of Nintendo into the space to consider as well, that is likely to create HUGE waves across both Google Play and Apple’s App Store. Developer HyperDevbox Studio claims the game has 100s of hours of gameplay. Basically, be sure you’ve got enough room before purchasing Spectral Souls, There are ain’t designed for casual gamers and is not for the faint hearted, it’s a full blown RPG experience. Nonetheless, The games full title is Spectral Souls -Resurrection of the Ethereal Empires and it claims to be the first full scale tactical RPG for Android devices. Generally, The game is set in a world called Neverland where demons and humans been fighting for centuries, you after that, join the action in the year 1053 as a small woodland village is burnt to the ground by vicious Neverland Troops. Eventually, After choosing one of 84 playable characters you jump into the action and begin to fight off the demons for the good of the realm. Now look. That’s the price of quality, games in this list may also set you back somewhat when you first start off rather than being free options.

Real Racing 3 is easily the most polished and in depth racing sim on mobile, nearly rivaling Forza Motorsport 3/4 and Gran Turismo 5/6 graphically.

Android GamesI’m presently level 72 in game, own 48 cars.

I disagree with this article and think Real Racing has a huge paywall. On top of the gold for ads mechanic being non functional on my device I am effectively stuck where I am and have lost interest. It is You can still play as all the main characters and nothing has changed to the storyline, it’s just a boost in the graphical capabilities. The game is certainly a polished version of the original and more updates coming in are making it top version of the game possible. This is what mobile games are ALL about. Android Games Badlands is simple, addictive fun and, best of all, it looks and feels utterly stunning on any Android handset with a QHD panel like the Nexus 6, Galaxy S6 or LG G3.

Pull the smartphone to your forehead and different words appear where your friends have to describe it without mentioning exactly what really was on the card.

Choose your round from topics like Blockbuster Movies, Accents and Impressions or Animals Gone Wild. So in case you’re doing movies and The Shining comes up you could shout Here’s Johnny! The latest in the Asphalt series is graphically stunning for a mobile game.

Avaliable on your tablet or smartphone for free it sits you in the driving seat of similar to Lamborghini, Bugatti, Ferrari and Pagani.

Square Enix surprised us earlier this year by springing a brand new Hitman game on us without much warning. Did you know that the change was embraced by a large number of critics including this very site, it was a little different to watch we were previously used to though, only available on iOS devices it took more of a strategy board game like feel. You’re planning to need personal computer based puzzle game has now made its way to the Google Play Store.

You play as a series of different shapes making an attempt to make your way through the world by jumping on any others heads and getting to the exit as the end of the level.

Android exclusive title Deus Ex.

The Fall is set in 2027 -the golden era for science, technology and human augmentation. Deus Ex has become a popular console franchise and it’s now attempting the move out into the mobile space. That said, You play as Ben Saxon, strong name there, an augmented former British SAS Mercenary who has to fight for his life in a conspiracy spanning the globe. It is You control your personal hotel, please do not worry it’s not Hotel Tycoon, and you begin to defend it from all the bad stuff that can go wrong. This small indie title won’t cost you much but will provide hours of fun. Bad Hotel had been scooping up awards all over the place. Then again, It’s another title which is visually stunning on your smartphone and brings to mind even the recent Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles looking at the graphics.