1. The Game (Easy How-To for playing Mafia)
2. FAQ (All Of You Questions Answered Here)
3. Tips
4. Spam, Cheaters, etc 

1. The Game (Easy How-To for playing Mafia)

1A. The Game
Where can I find the game?

1B. How To Play
Simply link to / tell your friends to visit you ref. link:
http://mafia.cheats4us.org/index.php?x=00000 (replace 000000 with your ID)
This will earn you +1 broken leg and money money for each person you send to the above URL.

1C. Stats Page Explained
Your Stats Page can be loacted at:

ID: Your ID Number (used for playing the game)
Name: Your Name (used for rankings / viewing stats)
Rank: Your Mafia Rank
– view 1C. below for Mafia Rankings Explained
Legs Broken : This is the number of people you have broken legs to
Money: The amount of money you have earned from collecting your debs and recruited mobsters
-view 1D. below for money amounts & how earned
Your Owner: The person that initially sent you to the game & that you signed up under.
(Not all mobsters have a owner but most do.)
Your Recruited Mobsters: The people that have signed up to play the game after you broke their legs
Links: Gives the URLs for playing the game & viewing your stats

1D. Mafia Rank
As you earn more money and break more legs, your rank will increase.

# Mafia Rank
0-19 Broken Legs: Butcher
20-49 Broken Legs: Hammer
50-99 Broken Legs: Fish
100-199 Broken Legs: Clam
200-499 Broken Legs: Shadow
500-999 Broken Legs: Don
1000-1999 Broken Legs: Kingpin
2000+ Broken Legs: God Father

Butcher -> 10-20
Hammer -> 10-23
Fish -> 10-26
Clam -> 10-29
Shadow -> 10-32
Don -> 10-35
Kingpin -> 10-38 
God Father -> 10-41

1E Money
You earn cash for every leg you break. Cash earnrd per leg breaking is based on your Mafia Rank
You also get money for your recruits’ mobsters (more info on the earnings system 1F. below).

Cash/Trick based on Rank
$10-$20 -> Butcher
$10-$23 -> Hammer
$10-$26 -> Fish
$10-$29 -> Clam
$10-$32 -> Shadow
$10-$35 -> Don
$10-$38 -> Kingpin
$10-$41 -> God Father
(It basically adds 3 possible dollars for every higher rank)

1F. The Earnings System
Each leg broken you make earns cash for not only you, but your owner > his owner > and his owner
The rates for the 3 levels are:
15% Your Owner
10% ^His^ Owner
5% ^His^ Owner

You make $40 for breaking a leg. That action also earns:
Your owner $6 (15%)
^His^ owner $4 (10%)
And ^his^ owner $2 (5%)

This is why you can see mobsters on the Top lists with lots of cash, yet very few legs broken.
Their recruits are obviously earning lots of cash, and therefore making them cash.

2. FAQ (All Of Your Questions Answered Here)

2A. How do I earn Broken Legs/Recruit Mobsters/Earn Money
Send people to:
http://mafia.cheats4us.org/index.php?ref=000000 (replace 000000 with your ID)
A “Broken Legs” will be earned for each person that visits
Recruits are simply people that you broken legs that have joined the game (You are their owner)
Money is earned for each victim you assult, and from your recruited mobsters(based on thier performance).
– view 1D. for money amounts

2B. I can’t log into my account, what do I do??
Go to http://mafia.cheats4us.org/index.php?notme
now go to: http://mafia.cheats4us.org/login.php
So say you signed up with the nick ‘Phuxor’ you would go to
http://mafia.cheats4us.org/login.php , and type your name in the box
(If this does not work, you have not joined the game, or are simply mis-spelling your name)

2C. When I go to my stats page I see someone else’s stats page instead?!
View the answer above (2B)

2E. I am trying to sign up, but the name I chose wont work.
Your name cannot contain spaces or weird characters.
If u don’t have spaces or weird chars then your name has been taken.
(tip: use _ for spaces)

2F. Can I change my name?
No, you cannot.
You can always signup again.

2G. How did so & so get so much cash with such few assults?
Through the earnings system, This is described in 1F. above.

3. Tips

3A. Redirection Pages
Instead of linking to your ref link, you can get a redirection page that is easier to type & remember when giving it out to friends.

Go to www.no-ip.com, Signup for a account, log in…
Go to add (located at the top left)
Well pick a name for your Web redirect.
And when you see the host type, click Web Redirect.
Make the account and in around 5 minutes you can tell people it.
The page you enter to redict to is your ref link:
http://mafia.cheats4us.org/index.php?ref=000000 (replace 000000 w/ your ID)

3B. Earning Points
You can always send the link to your friends on AIM or post the link in the forum’s or chat rooms that you frequently visit. But if someone has asked you to stop, pleaes do so. We do not condone spamming in any way. So, just have fun and go break some legs.

4. Cheaters, etc

Many times someone is flasely labeld a cheater for being very high
on the Top 200 with very few Broken Legs.
See 1F. for reasons why they have a high rank.

Lets just say accidents happen, so lets just donate some money.

Disclamer, Rules, Copyright 2002