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Android Games Therefore this updated version outdoes it in just about nearly any way, dots was one of our favorite mobile games last year. Make squares and good things will follow. Each amount of The Room 2 locks you in a single location and tasks you with solving a series of connected puzzles but this time around they’re a lot more complex, and there’s a lot more variety from room to room. The masterminds behind The Room took an alreadyexcellent game and made it even more of a standout this year. It’s more expansive, meatier, and just flat out better than the original. Look no further, if you like your Android games with an extra helping of grim and gloomy.

Among the most downloaded games are the mobile casino apps. Casino games achieved enormous popularity and success in the last ten years, especially when the gambling platform enabled free casino games. Today you will meet plenty of dependable casino software providers, but Microgaming is the one that is dividing from the rest. You can find many online casinos powered by Microgaming, but we recommend trying out the Roulette Diamond Edition of Microgaming at the jeuxroulettegratuit.com website. Many other games are on the table too, and free to play, go and check them out.

Dark Sorrow is the darkest, most troubling title that we’ve played this year, on any platform.

Torrmentum. Even the most pathetic attempts won’t be smashed apart with an egostomping zero star score, without any troublesome time limits you’re free to work at your pace -and the game doesn’t judge your performance after you finally beat every level either.Add in possibly the most chilled soundtrack of all time, and Zenge gets our vote for top ‘stress busting’ Androd game of 2016.

The fun cartoony presentation is excellent and a massive selection of side quests means you’ll be playing well into the wee hours.Check out our Crashlands guide for essential tips and tricks to get started with this mammoth Android game. Whenever making it a shoein for one of a few Android games of 2016, it hit Apple’s App Store back in 2015, the third Room game only jumped over to Android in January this year. Okay, consequently we really. Keep reading! Also a genuine use for Augmented Reality, pokemon GO has fast become the most popular mobile game of 2016 and proves not only an excellent translation of the gotta collect em all gameplay to a mobile platform.

Besides, the good news is, lots of awesome Android games have already been launched this year, to distract us all from our abject misery. Here’s our pick of better Android games of 2016 so far. Check out our Pokemon GO hub for everything you have to know, including tips and tricks for beginners, our advanced players guide and a complete pokedex of the collectible pokemon. You can’t go wrong with the incredibly relaxing Zenge, if you need to destress a bit. Whenever tasking you with moving around a bunch of shapes until they slot into their required positions, This Android puzzler is simple at heart. I’m sure you heard about this. Whenever offering the kind of indepth ‘micro management’ that Champ Man fans really long for, in portable form, Top Eleven 2016 is just the ticket. I’m only to happy to get the chance to steer a fake football team to the top of the league and enjoy some ‘much needed’ fictional victories, as a Sunderland FC fan.

Therefore the freetoplay Futurama, if you enjoy a spot of ‘match3’ action.

Game of Drones is preparing to ruthlessly kill your commuting time.

Fact that the Futurama cast pops up in amusing little cutscenes makes it all the more enjoyable, It’s an addictive little time killer in its own right. On top of this, while crafting weapons and similar goodies from whatever you find with an eye to slay the less than friendly wildlife and survive long enough to escape, Talking of addictive, the brilliant Racing Asphalt Nitro has stolen many, quite a few hours of our life from us in This resource gathering game has you hopping about a strange alien planet. Actually, although you now have a lot more freedom to roam around and puzzles have become sprawling multiroom monstrosities, Gameplay extent of challenge, and it’ll keep even the most crafty puzzle game fans busy for many, quite a few hours. You can set up your team just how you look for, handpick a gruelling training regime, deck out your stadium with the latest facilities and even choose what to charge fans to watch your club in action.

Certainly, Be warned though, Top Eleven is so addictive that you’ll probably forget to do simple things like eat and shower. We select better Android games of 2016 so far, including our pick of better action, adventure, puzzle, sport and arcade titles that you can download at this point from the Google Play store. Besides, Kidnapped by sinister figures and thrust into the heart of a decaying citadel filled with untold horrors, your mission is to escape by solving grisly puzzles and later work out what the gubbins was going on.

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